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our pastors:

Jonathan and Jubilee Criswell have been a ministry team for the past 16 years.  The greatest accomplishments of their lives are their three beautiful children Damien, Sophia, and Lucas.  


Jonathan has served as a Student Ministries Director at multiple leading churches in the Georgia District.  Powered by a dedication to Prayer, Jonathan has a unique and passion packed preaching style, a deep hunger for discipleship, and he thrives on building great teams and Leadership Development.  Missions has been his heartbeat as he has led multiple ministries to become top missions giving organizations in the Georgia District.  He continues to be a prophetic voice of reason and evangelism, dedicated to changing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  On September 1st, 2019, he became the Lead Pastor at McDonough First Assembly!

Jubilee lives up to her unique name! She is a joyful celebration.  Her joyful spirit is contagious and you will love to get to know her!  Her gifts are teaching God's word with passion.  Jubilee has an entrepreneurial passion with administrative qualities to back up her vision.  She is brilliant with having earned multiple master’s Degrees and has been a Bible and Theology and Practical Ministry Professor for many years.  She currently teaches at the college level and is an academic advisor and liaison for Point University and Columbus Leadership Campus, a ministry school Jonathan and Jubilee helped found.

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our leadership team

Robby and Heather Mullinax

Executive Pastors

Women's Ministry Coordinator



Jeremy and Ciara Weese

A.J. and Leah Childress

Annjannette Sizemore

Worship Ministry Pastor


Kathleen Livingston



Anna Akunji

Daycare/ Nursery Worker


Our Board of Directors
Charlie Sampson

Board Member​ & Treasurer

Daniel Livingston

Board Member​

Heather Mullinax

Board Member​

Ray Strickland

Board Member​

Life at McDonough First Assembly of God

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338 Highway 42 N

Mcdonough, GA 30253

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