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Service Times

Sunday School  (3-11 Years olds)                >     10 AM - 11AM.       Kids building

Sunday Nursery (Infant - 3 Years Old)          >     10 AM - 12:30PM.   Main Building

Sunday Kids Church  (3-11 Years Old)         >     11 AM - 12:30 PM   Kids Building

Wednesday Nursery (Infant - 3 Years Old)   >       7 PM - 8PM.         Main Building

Wednesday Kids Church  (3-11 Years Old)   >       7 PM - 8PM.         Kids Building

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When we think about the Israelites in the wilderness, we often think of it as a time of disappointment, suffering, and promises deferred. What we often forget is that God was there even in the wilderness, reminding the Israelites of God’s goodness and faithfulness. No matter their present circumstances, the people experienced that God was with them, and moved people like Joshua, Caleb, and Rahab to take incredible leaps of faith! Through the amazing accounts of Israel’s journey during that time, your kids will also come to realize that they can: spend time with God anywhere, trust God, take risks for God, and remember what God has done for us.


We are Having Vacation Bible School

July 5th - July 8th  


We have chosen a Sunday to Wednesday Schedule to Help Everyone have the Opportunity to attend. Whether your kids have been attending church regularly or they’re brand new to the church scene, their faith is still very young. As a grown-up who’s been following Jesus for a while, you’ve probably figured out a few ways to grow spiritually. The kids you’re leading, on the other hand, aren’t grown-ups, so they might need a little help from you to figure out how, exactly, to grow spiritually. So, what should spiritual growth look like for a kid? We like to think about it in terms of four spiritual habits. To help a kid’s faith grow deeper, encourage them to spend time with God, spend time with others, use their gifts, and share their story. These are Exactly the things this Vacation Bible School Series Will Teach them. We hope to see you all there!

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